Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business

Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd undertakes to provide the following services to their clients:

• The processing of Hunting Trophies as per South African State Veterinary requirements for the exporting of Hunting Trophies and obtaining the necessary Veterinary Export Certificate for Trophies so processed.
• Obtaining the necessary Nature Conservation Export Permits based on the documentation and information supplied by the client’s Hunting Outfitter of record. Supply the required documentation needed by a Shipping Agent in order to ship said Hunting Trophies.
• Packing of all Hunting Trophies processed by us according to acceptable shipping standards.
• Handing of cargo over to the client’s nominated Shipping Agent or an Agent known to us for this purpose if said client has not indicated a preferred Agent.

Storage of trophies

ALL Hunting Trophies, Curios or parts thereof are stored and processed at the premises or transported to and from the premises of Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd at the risk of the client or legal owner of the Trophies or in whomever such ownership shall rest at the time of such storage or movement to or from Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd. All Hunting Trophies, Curios, parts thereof or any items of a personal nature are not insured while in transit or stored on the premises of Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd unless specifically requested by the owner thereof or his nominated Agent and such cover will only incept once all documentation and payments have been received by an Underwriter of such Insurance Policy and Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd has been informed in writing that such cover is in place.


Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd cannot and will not accept any liability whatsoever for damage to or loss and/or partial loss of any part of any Hunting Trophy or any other item whether of a personal nature or curio for any reason whatsoever, past, present or future, including but in no way limited to loss resulting from insect destruction, fire, theft, or vandalism. We highly recommend all clients insure their Trophies prior to processing with an expert in Trophy Insurance Policies.


If during any stage of processing, any condition is discovered which precludes the proper completion of the process included in the original price quote, Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd expressly retains the right to either:

• make pricing adjustments; or
• refuse to complete the process.

The above conditions include but are in no way limited to: cuts or other abrasions of the skin/hide or skull, horns incurred prior to acceptance of the Trophy for mounting, skin conditions which prevent the hide from being tanned, improper field preparation, or any other conditions or process not directly under the control of Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd. In the event that such conditions are discovered, Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd will contact the client and discuss the applicable options.

Client’s Obligation

Payments Due

The invoice as presented by Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd must be paid in full on presentation thereof to the instructing client. This invoice will include payment for processing, permits and administration costs. Please take note: we accept Visa, MasterCard, cash, wire transfers only. No Cheques, American Express or Diners Club Cards are accepted. Please also take note: If payment is not received, no work will commence until payment is received in full. This will delay the exporting of your Trophies as your job number will remain on the unpaid list. Storage fees may be applicable. Should the invoice not be paid within 90 (Ninety) days of presentation, the cargo will be presumed abandoned and Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd will be under no further obligation to advise or inform the client as to the steps to be taken to recover funds owing.

The client declares that to the best of his knowledge the Trophies he hunted were legally taken and all Permits and Licenses as applicable were signed by him prior to hunting and are applicable to those animals delivered to Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd. Further, the Trophies of the animals delivered are those which were hunted.

The client is responsible for indicating whether they require insurance and provide the necessary information and payment directly to the Insurance Broker who in turn must advise us in writing of the applicable cover.

Packing of trophies and Curios

Trophies are packed in wood and plywood crates purpose built for every consignment. The cost of which will be added to the shipping cost.

Shipping of Trophies

Your cargo will be handed over to your Shipper of choice or one known to us, should you not specify an Agent. Once this handover of cargo is done the responsibility and accountability of your cargo is passed onto the company concerned. You will be notified of this handover and can expect to be contacted by the Shipper to arrange Transit Insurance and cost of shipping as well as flight details. Notwithstanding that Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd may have introduced You to a Third Party Service Provider, Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd shall not be party to any disputes and/or liabilities between You and the Third Party Service Provider appointed by You, nor shall Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd be liable for any damages or loss suffered by You as a result of any failure and/or malfunction of such infrastructure between You and the Third Party Service Provider.

Outfitter’s Responsibility

Hunting Outfitters who collect monies from their clients for our services and pay us after being invoiced for the service provided to them are deemed to be duly authorized and acting on behalf of the client of record and are subject to the same conditions of business in which case they in turn are solely responsible and accountable to their clients as per these conditions and Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd will not enter into any discussions or negotiations with their clients. Outfitters agree to provide all documentation consisting of but not limited to, PH Registers, Outfitter Registers, Written Permission to Hunt, copy of Exemption Permits, copies of Permits and/or Licenses, Transport Permits, Movement Permits and/or any such documentation as required by law or requested by the issuing authority to enable Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd to apply for Export Permits. The Outfitter and his client understands that Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd is in no way liable for the accuracy of information provided and that should an investigation ensue as a result of the information supplied the Outfitter and or Professional hunter or both will be required to resolve such matters directly with the relevant authority and may be held accountable for any costs incurred by Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd while such case may be under investigation. The Outfitter further confirms that all Trophies delivered or collected by Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd on behalf of his client were legally hunted.

Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies

Collection and delivery of Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies are done under armed escort only, which cost is for the client’s account and must be paid for prior to collection. A separate agreement concerning the handling of Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies is applicable and must be in place prior to the collection and handling of such products. All Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies must be insured by the client which insurance must be arranged directly between the client and the Insurance Broker prior to collection or delivery of such Trophies.