Processing fee per animal, regardless of trophy parts $ 146.00
**Processing fee, Rhinoceros and Elephant $ 1000.00
**Rhinoceros and Elephant Handling Fee $ 5000.00
Processing fee, Warthog Tusks only $ 50.00
Documentation Fee, per client for 5 or more animals $ 423.00
Documentation Fee, per client for 4 or less animals $ 306.00
State Veterinary Health Certificate $ 57.00
CITES Application Fee $ 115.00
Permit application Fee $ 75.00
Permit Application Fee, per Province hunted $ 79.00
Microchip Fee, per CITES species $ 36.00

Delivery of trophies to our premises is preferred however we will gladly arrange collection anywhere in South Africa. Please note any costs incurred for collection will be recharged to the client.

Our turnaround time is 90 days, in this time we will have your animals processed and packed. Shipping is normally accomplished within this time although conditions apply as the issuing of permits is outside our control.

** Note 1: Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies are subject to additional costs for Insurance, Armed Guards and an Armed Escort of Trophies to and from our premises as well as during processing and storage.
**Note 2: Rhinoceros and Elephant Trophies are subject to a separate Agreement regarding handing and processing and storage

All business conducted between Dip-Pack (Pty) Ltd and their clients are as per standard conditions of business, which are available on request.

Shipping Costs

Packing costs are added to the shipping costs.
Shipping costs are calculated according to the volumetric weight and the destination of the crate.